Eye for Goal is a network of expert consultants providing advice, support and resource in organisations ranging from SME’s to large organisations in both the public and private sectors

Eye for Goal consultancy is effectively a talent pool of fully experienced, highly credible and expert knowledge. You’ll be tapping into a network of specialist professionals, handpicked for your particular organisational challenge. We’re fundamentally result driven and therefore we invest time listening to our clients and in particular, fully understanding your goals.

In doing so we’re able to grasp each individual business or organisational challenge and only when we fully comprehend the depth and width of the challenge will we begin to create, implement and manage your solution.

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We work flexibly, some clients partner with our consultants through interim contract assignments, some through agreeing dedicated projects...whatever works best for you.

An introductory discussion will lead to the submission of a project proposal. Given a positive agreement, a managing consultant will be selected to oversee the project. This individual will be a dedicated point of contact and, as and when appropriate, a team of consultants will be individually selected to work with you to deliver a solution that generates tangible results.

  • Commercial Strategy

    Identification of opportunity - all key elements of our commercial management consultancy. We adopt a highly entrepreneurial approach to Commercial management. We'll investigate your market, your position in that market, the performance of competitors and thoroughly analyse how you can create added value, cut operational cost, deliver for your clients and grow your business in a strategic and structured manner

    For a case study and client references, please contact us
  • Operational Management

    Implementation of business strategy and process is a skill in itself. The greatest strategies can, and will fail if business process isn’t followed correctly and/or management of people fails. We make things ‘happen’ by understanding, by influencing, by implementation and ultimately though getting results. As such we are very happy to be judged on our results.

    For a case study and client references, please contact us
  • Sales and Marketing

    The two disciplines of sales and marketing are crucial in driving established and new business. Markets are in a constant state of evolution, we specialise in reviewing these functions and if necessary challenging existing practices in a highly constructive and positive manner. We’ll endorse good practice and propose improvement that will always reflect the present and future market demand.  We also specialise in examining the relationship between sales/business development and the marketing function of a business.

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  • HR and Organisational Developments

    Our business model is fully centred on people and how people operate and interact with each other. We have a talent pool of consultants with individual and collective expertise and if necessary we’ll specifically recruit for your precise needs. Clichéd as it is, people are very, very often your greatest asset. ..and they are certainly ours!!

    Eye for Goal can provide HR strategy and operational resource from change management teams, legal and compliance issues, to recruitment and headhunting, and training and development.

    For a case study and client references, please contact us